Niksen – The Millennial Way Of Not Doing Anything

The art of doing nothing. Bless of our Asian parents but apparently, this is a thing! As Asians, we’re always so caught up with doing things. If we’re ever caught not doing something, we’ll be labeled as lazy! But there’s a Northern European trend that embraces the concept of doing nothing, called niksen.

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Niksen – Not doing anything at all! 

According to Time, the term niksen literally means to do nothing, to be idle or doing something without any use. A managing director of CSR Centrum, a coaching center in the Netherlands that assists clients in managing their stress and recovering from burnout, Carolien Hamming explains as long as it’s without purpose and not done in order to achieve something. It could be as simple as listening to music, admiring your surroundings or chilling out.

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Should we practice niksen? 

With millennials officially dubbed as the burnout generation, practicing niksen can do us some good!

  • decreases stress-levels
  • reduces anxiety
  • Strengthens the body – to fight off diseases
  • refreshes the mind & boosts creativity
  • Improves critical-thinking

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Is there a downside to practicing niksen? 

Your mind could be restless and get caught up in ruminations. Eve Ekman, director of training at the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley says, “We need to train our minds to wander in a way that’s imaginative and creative.”

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How do you not do anything all?

Doing nothing at all may sound simple. But for someone who is used to doing something – not doing anything at all can be creepy! Put aside your discomfort feeling and take a few minutes each day to niksen yourself out.

Free yourself for a moment from any obligations and enjoy the moment!