Nikita Dragun Was Rude To Bretman Rock’s Sister & Fans Are Unhappy

Uh-oh, we smell the tea in the beauty guru world! YouTube star, Nikita Dragun is receiving some heat from fans after a couple of video collaboration with fellow influencers, Bretman Rock and Princess Mae.

Alright, let’s break it down:

Nikata Dragun – Mukbang With My Dysfunctional Family – FUNNY AF

The first backlash came from Nikita’s mukbang video that was uploaded to her channel. There were multiple scenes in the video which fans weren’t too happy about.

Annoyed at Princess Mae’s ‘ding-ding’ phone sound 

For instance, Nikita got annoyed with Princess’s ringtone but was totally okay when it’s Bretman’s, which Princess did point out too in the video. Princess also revealed that she was never invited to Nikita’ birthday party. That’s really sad!

Princess Mae’s “Plan B” 

In fact, there was a lot of revelation in the video like calling Princess out for buying birth control pills – Is that even crime?

Bretman Rock – Who knows me better? Challenge SISTER VS SISTER NEW INTRO

But the most hurtful comment of all was in Bretman’s video. Honestly, there were a lot of side-eyes from Bretman and Nikita towards Princess Mae, including Princess’s “black colour” comment, ” I know you’re favourite shade of black, it’s the pure black – jet black,” to Bretman. But guess what, all Bretman did was to snicker along with Nikita.

Throwing shade that Princess got cheated on 

Another one that got called out for was a comment made by Nikita about how Princess got cheated on and how much money Bretman gives her. Leave her baby daddy out of it! She’s happy with her man now and definitely need none of this negativity!

Fans were mad that Bretman didn’t side with his sister – HIS BLOOD! 

The siblings have since released an apology video on Instagram, while Nikita took it to Twitter to clear up the drama.

Well, at least they solved the drama behind closed doors. What do you think of the whole situation? Do you think Nikita was out of line for being rude to Princess or was Bretman not the supportive brother he should have been?