5 Nice Ways Give Your Partner Directions In Bed Without Hurting His Ego

OK ladies, remember the first time you had sex with your partner. Was it perfect?

Our first kiss is usually perfect – fireworks, sparks, and everything just seems right. The first time having sex though is another question entirely.

We don’t always get sex right the first time. Our partner may not be familiar with what we like in bed yet, but we need a way to tell them without hurting their ego. Here’s how you can do that, the nice way!

1. Use positive reinforcement

It’s always best to start off by telling your partner what you like about them. Say something like, “I love the way you kiss my neck.” Your positive feedback will make them stick you doing what you like (yay!).

2. Offer to try something new

If your partner is doing something to you in bed that you’re not too fond of, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Instead, offer to try something new with your partner or suggest an alternative. “Why don’t we try this position tonight?”

3. Guide your partner

This one is simple. Simply guide your partner’s hands/ lips to the place that you want them to stimulate. It’s subtle, but your partner will remember this the next time you make love, especially if they can see that it makes you happy.

4. Develop subtle ways to “check in” during sex

So, some people actually “check in” during sex and it actually makes it easier to communicate while you’re making love. For example, you and your partner can agree that a tap on the shoulder means that you’re uncomfortable with what your partner is doing.

5. Talk about sex when you’re not having sex

You can always talk about sex with your partner outside of the bedroom. When you have these conversations, it can be very private and intimate, even if you’re in a crowded space. Plus, it strengthens your bond together as a couple, and it’s actually pretty spicy to talk about sex when you’re not doing it.