3 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions For Every Girl

We can’t help making New Year’s resolutions, even if going to the gym three times a week in 2020 and eating salad for one meal every day seems pretty overwhelming.

The trick to following through your New Year’s resolutions and making it a habit is to create realistic ones that are actually good for you.

Here’s a list of 3 non-overwhelming and completely realistic New Year’s resolutions for every girl.

1. Read one page of a book, per day

If you were once an avid reader, you’ll probably want to start reading books again. You probably also haven’t started on that to-be-read pile, because life happens. Yet, here you are, still alive, wanting to read, envying Emma Watson’s book-fairy ‘grams. Start your good ol’ habit again by reading one page of a book, per day. Just one page before you go to bed. You’ll soon be speed-reading again. Reading also helps you gain social perception and emotional intelligence, so here’s to the new year, and a better you!

2. Do one kind thing a day


Kindness is only human, but in the digital age, we can easily put humanity aside without realizing it. Your one kind thing can be small gestures that you don’t normally do, like making breakfast for your partner in the morning, catsitting for your bestie, bringing coffee in for your work friends, calling your mom to ask about how she’s doing, or simply throwing less shade at your frenemies. Do this, but without expecting any reciprocation (if it’s meant to be, it will be).

3. Less hookups, and more meaningful relationships


Girl, you deserve better and deep down inside, you know it! Hookups are fine, but if you crave a deeper connection, make 2020 your year to foster meaningful relationships, not just romantically, but platonically too. Give and allow yourself to receive love from friends, old and new. If an ex-friend yearns to come back into your life, let them in, but remember to guard your heart. Make your relationships meaningful and permanent in the new year