Neelofa’s Secret To Flawless, Gorgeous Skin Involves Ice Cubes

We can all agree, fashion icon, Neelofa is super gorgeous. Her skin is uh-mazing! Seriously, how can one ever be beautiful as Lofa, especially with her busy routine?

In an interview with EH! she finally revealed her beauty secrets. YAS, read on to see how you can incorporate her tips and tricks to looking flawless all the time!

1. Drink lots and lots of plain water 

Good ol’ plain water – sometimes, known as the elixir of life. She tells her secret to losing weight is to make sure one drinks lots of water. She adds, when you’re used to drinking plain water, you won’t feel the need to drink other sweet drinks. It can be super refreshing too!

2. Argan oil for beautiful hair 

Neelofa reveals that she’s so busy that she doesn’t have the time to do her hair at the salon. Hence, using good hair products are key. Not only that, she always oils her with argan oil to keep the hair roots soft and healthy!

3. Practices ice therapy 

This is probably one of her biggest beauty secret – ice therapy. Like its name, the whole treatment involves icy cold ice! With just a pail filled with water and ice cubes, she showers herself with it. Doing this helps to strengthen the bones, skin and make you less prone to illness. The skin would look so different and fresh without any makeup at all!

4. Workout sesh, of course! 

Well, no brainer but yes, Neelofa has her #beastmode on. Just look at her slim figure! She recommends doing exercises that you are fond of. Personally, for her, she enjoys playing badminton, swim or kickboxing at least three to four times a week.