Is “Nafkah Couple” A New Trend Among M’sian Teens?

My husband once told me, “You give presents to your girlfriend. You give money to your wife.”

We all know that husbands give allowances to their wives on occasions, but did you know that boyfriends also give allowances to their girlfriends now?

It’s called nafkah couple and it’s the new trend that’s taking over teen romances and the old school sugardaddy movement. Once you’ve coupled with a guy, apparently you’re entitled to an allowance. Being a sugardaddy was so yesterday, nafkah couple is the in thing now. It’s like, an allowance for being a girlfriend.

What is this nafkah couple and how the F do I get it?

It’s unclear what you need to do to get nafkah couple from your potential boyfriend. Maybe you just need to be a very nice girlfriend. It’s much easier for a girlfriend to get this allowance than a wife. Some wives have to literally beg for the allowance. Nafkah couple just seems to magically deposit into your bank account. Damn. One thing’s for sure, if you want this, you’d need a rich boyfriend.

How is it similar to a “sugar” relationship?

Anyway, if you must know, nafkah couple is not similar to the allowance a husband gives his wife. A husband gives his wife an allowance because she runs the household, most of the time. However, it is similar to being in a “sugar” relationship.  In a way, you have to be the guy’s girlfriend and constant companion to obtain this nafkah couple. Plus, it’s easy money, not saying that the sugar industry is easy, but it’s much easier than slaving in an office every day.

Nafkah couple isn’t for everyone

Some netizens believe that nafkah couple should not be a thing because the couple isn’t even married yet. They’ve voiced out that it’s better for the man to give an allowance to his parents who so painstakingly raised him, instead of giving his money to his girlfriend. If a man wants to give his girlfriend an allowance, it should be within his means, and the girlfriend should not demand it.

Of course, some may say that nafkah couple teaches a man how to be responsible with his finances, but what does it teach his girlfriend? Even men would want nafkah couple from their rich girlfriends now. A better way to utilize this nafkah couple is to save up for the couple’s wedding or honeymoon (even then, they may not be sure they’ll get married).

Love is written in the stars, and money is not exactly how you measure love, especially in the early stages of dating. Just because you don’t get nafkah couple doesn’t mean that your boyfriend doesn’t love you, okay? Let us know what you think of nafkah couple in the comments below.