Nabila Huda Is Seen Crying Hysterically On IG Claiming, ‘’There’s A Shadow Outside’’

On Wednesday night, actress Nabila Huda, 36, could not control her fear after her house was visited by a ‘’suspicious individual.’’ According to Nabila or more affectionately known as Abil, at the time of the incident she was alone without her husband, Mohd Izwan Johar and his daughter, Keisha Laila.

In her series of IG stories uploaded around 11.30pm, Nabila was seen hysterically sobbing while saying, ‘’Weh seriously lah.. I do not know. I think I saw someone on the balcony. I turned off the lights then I heard something. My husband is not here, Keisha is not here. It looks like there is…’’ The Kamar Kamariah star also added, ‘’It looks like a black shadow. I think he’s wearing a black shirt. I’m super scared.’’

Meanwhile, popular actor and her former co-star, Datuk Fizz Fairuz expressed concern over the matter. Fizz or his real name Fairuz Zainal Abidin, 41, said he is not sure whether Nabila was just acting or she really went to the traumatic experience for real. ‘’Yes, everyone is well aware that you are a great actor but you can’t play with everyone’s heart like this. I’m a good friend of you and I want to help you @kupu_kupu but please don’t do this (baloney) gimmick’’. The father of three also mentioned that he ran back home after his wife Datin Almy Nadia informed him about Nabila’s IG stories. 

However, yesterday, Nabila finally explained the situation by stating that she was indeed in good condition, ‘’I know everyone is worried and wondering about my safety. […] I don’t know who that person was but he was wearing a face mask. Thankfully, I am unharmed’’. She also asked fans to understand that as an actress, sometimes she could be overreacting on certain occasionseven the smallest incident. Hm. Hopefully everything that has happened will be resolved and hopefully the safety of Nabila and her family will always be protected.