Must-Watch Disney Films That Are Coming Out In 2019

Writer: Flyfm

Let the kids be kids, and the adults reminisce their time as kids!

After successfully owning the world of animation, Disney in now on a roll to remake all of their most popular Disney animated movies in live-action. And we’re not complaining. With multiple Disney films to look forward to, we’ve listed all the movies coming to you in theaters soon.


Aladdin is one movie to look forward too next year. The upcoming American musical romantic fantasy film, is set to be a live-action retelling from the 1992 animated film. The movie, expected to come out May 24, 2019 is definitely getting us all hyped! This time around Genie, who was last voiced by the great Robin Williams, will be played by Will Smith. And although it may be different, it would be just as exciting to watch as we could imagine Will doing Genie justice.