Must Have Avocado-Infused Skincare Products For All Beauty Lovers

Hey you beauty lovers! As much as you love eating avocados, you’ll probably love it even more in your beauty products. Avocados are great to incorporate into our beauty regimen because they contain high healthy fats which are beneficial to our body and for healthy skin, on top of keeping skin supple and moisturised. Besides, they are also a good source of vitamin E, which is an essential antioxidant that helps protect the skin from oxidative damage.

The good news is, you’ll be happy to know that there are tons of beauty products out there that uses avocado as their main ingredient. From body lotion to hair masks, here are six avocado-infused beauty products you’ll want to get your hands on.

1. Ives Daily Hydrating Lotion

Source: St.Ives

Moisturise your skin after a relaxing shower with St.Ives Daily Hydrating Lotion. Rich in vitamin E and avocado extracts, it’ll leave your skin soft and supple.

Price: RM 25++

Where to get: Local pharmacy or drugstore

2. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

Source: Khiel’s

Wake up looking refreshed and ready to face the world, even with the lack of sleep with this eye cream. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treament has Avocado Oil, which gently moisturises the delicate eye area has been approved by ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

Price: RM 133++

Where to get: Kiehl’s , Lazada, Cosme-de

3. Sephora Collection Invisilk Mask Mono

Source: Sephora

Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin’s complexion with Sephora’s Invisilk Mask Mono. The avocado ingredient in the mask nurtures and supports healthy skin by providing intense nutrition and soothing sensitive areas.

Price: RM 9

Where to get: Sephora  

4. Melvita’s Organic Avocado Oil

Source: Melvita

Recommended for dry and delicate skin, this product is extremely nourishing. Perfect to use for eye bags, neck and stretch marks. It’s also colorant and preservative-free. Just massage it onto your skin regularly and wait to see the wonders.

Price: RM 120

Where to get: Melvita

5. LAQA & Co Avo Lip Butter

Source: LAQA

This yummy-licious lipstick range boasts a generous 12% natural avocado oil in its formulation, giving lips some avo-goodness that will moisturise and plump thanks to its collagen production. It’s also great to use especially if you have cracked lips. There are eight creamy, rich colours for you to choose from pink nude to deep berry.

Price: RM 66++

Where to get: LAQA & Co