M’sians Share Funny & Inspiring Moments With Their Teachers

Happy Teachers’ Day! Do you remember back when we were in school, and how we used to long for the time when our teacher would talk about their lives? Besides missing a bit of the lesson (hopefully), our teacher’s stories and advice gave us an inspiring insight right up to our adult lives, even though we didn’t realize it back then.

We spent about three-quarters of our time in school, so it’s no wonder that we spent a lot of time with our teachers too. Now that we look back, they’re adults too, and it must have taken them a lot of patience to handle a rowdy crowd of students.

These Malaysians share their funniest and most inspiring moments with their teachers back when they were in school or university. Let’s hear from them.

1. That moment when you were way too rajin.

Haven’t you thought of doing that too? After all, doing work in advance means we don’t have to do it later right. Our teachers don’t think so, because it’s unfair to those who aren’t caught up.

2. That time when a science teacher shattered traditional stereotypes

It’s the educators who educate us and shape the future of the country! Go, teachers!

3. That moment when your teacher prepared you for the future

… and it’s not the classroom kind of future. Our teachers try to prepare us for the harsh realities of the world, and it’s fortunate that some of us know a thing or two.

4. That moment when your teacher helped you realize your full potential

Sometimes, teachers know best. Nadia is now the editor of Likely, and we believe that joining this club gave her the first push to pursue her career.

5. When your teacher becomes your friend

Of course, when the students have it rough, it’s difficult to confide in someone. Luckily, our teachers are there to lend a sympathetic ear. Thank you, teacher!

How did your teacher inspire you or do you have a funny story to share? Let us know in the comments below.