M’sians React To The New Law Against Racist Landlords

Just recently, the Housing and Local Government Minister, Zuraida Kamaruddin released news that they’re in the works of drafting a new law on house rentals called Residential Tenancy Act.The new law sees to address the issue on racial discrimination in the property market.

It’s no secret how some of us find it extremely hard to find a place to live after getting turned down for our race by certain landlords. During the launch of the National Housing Policy 2018-2025 (DRN), Zuraida Kamaruddin said the new law will follow a similar law in Scotland — which will protect house buyers and renters from discrimination.

Rent hunting is no easy task for some. I remember when I had to go rent hunting with my Chinese friend, only to have her explain to the landlord that I’m not “Indian…Indian” (FYI, I’m half Pinoy half Indian aka Filindian). The landlord’s argument was that Indians are generally  smelly or dirty. SMH.

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Source: Free Malaysia Today

Annoying, right? But that’s the reality faced by certain ethnicities in this country.

This is an amazing news! No more going through ads and having to filter: Fill in the “preferred” race) ONLY

So we went online and found out what people are saying about this potential new move. Apparently for some, it’s a huge problem.

To be fair, the term female falls under the gender category. Not only that, some religions don’t allow both male and female to live under the same roof, unless you’re related to each other.

That’s true, property owners do have every right to rent their properties to whoever they are comfortable with. Let’s not use race and ethnicity as a valid reason. Instead, choose renters based on their characters as a person because race doesn’t define your behaviour.

Or this? Some really don’t mind anyway..

YASSS! If you do mind, then maybe not rent at that particular place then. There’s always somewhere else.

What do you think about the new residential law? Yay or nay?