M’sian Women Tell Their Most Heartbreaking Breakup Stories

What’s the worst break up you’ve ever experienced? We’ve all had our shares of excruciating break up stories and without a doubt, some have even scarred us deep.

The thing is, no matter how painful a break up can be and how sometimes you feel like the world is over, believe us when we say, there is someone out there who is having it worse than you.

Check out these heartbreaking stories told by Malaysian women. Consider yourself warned!

1. Where did the feeling go?

Honestly, this totally hit us in the heart. How can a person love someone and loses their feelings the very next day? It’s not possible!
2. Stuck In The Closet 

Not cool. You shouldn’t be using someone else like that. Be proud of who you are and who you’d want to be!

3. MILF Alert 

OKURRR, why do people break up over a text? We don’t get it. You’ve dated the girl for crying out loud! The least you can do is to have a decent split. But then ago, bravo to the dude for picking up the responsibilities.

4. Socialgram Cheater 

A classic millennial cheater move! Boooooo.

5. Lesson Learnt 

Well, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

6. The Cheating Fiancee 

At least you owe the guy nothing!

7. Back-stabbed By Your “Loved” Ones

We can’t brain this. Why would the BF be mad when you’re seeking advice from a friend? Clearly they both have issues.

8. The Classic Line

The classic breakup line… Ugh, it’s getting old!