“Mind over body,” Fazura Candidly Shares Her Journey & Resolve For Working While Pregnant

Fazura – Malaysian singer, actress and TV host – is glowing. There’s no doubt about it, pregnancy suits the first time mum and her radiant smile brightens the room in seconds. At the recent unveiling of her new skincare like, Fazura Skincare, the 36-year-old talked about more than just the release of her products. Alongside her friends, family and supportive husband (fellow actor Fattah Amin), she shared her resolve for a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy.



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After two years of marriage, my husband @fattahaminz and I are delighted to share that we are expecting our first child. I am currently in my fourth month of pregnancy. We always believe in Allah’s perfect timing and we are overjoyed by the most beautiful gift Allah SWT has granted upon us. Nothing in the world matters more to us right now than our precious one. We would like to deeply thank everyone for your never ending prayers and well-wishes for us all this time. We are grateful for every single moment of this beautiful phase and we look forward to the blissful months to come. InsyaAllah. Once again, Alhamdulillah and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Setelah melayari perkahwinan kami selama dua tahun, saya dan suami @fattahaminz ingin berkongsi berita yang amat mengembirakan. InsyaAllah dengan izin Allah SWT kami bakal menimang cahayamata kami yang pertama. Kandungan saya kini dalam bulan keempat, alhamdulillah. Kami sentiasa yakin akan peraturan Allah dan sesungguhnya ini merupakan waktu yang paling tepat bagi kami dikurniakan zuriat yang amat membahagiakan ini. Tiada yang lebih diutamakan dalam hidup kami sekarang melainkan yang tersayang. Kami ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua yang sentiasa mendoakan dan memberikan ucap selamat kepada kami selama ini. Kami amat mensyukuri setiap detik dalam fasa ini dan hari-hari indah yang akan datang. InsyaAllah. Alhamdulillah dan terima kasih sekali lagi dari hati kami berdua. 🙏🏻❤️✨👶🏼 @fattzuralovelife

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When the actress announced that she and her ‘Hero Seorang Cinderella’ costar were expecting a baby back in April, they were determined not to slow down or alter their plans. Fazura, who released ‘Can’t Forget Me’ (that she co-wrote with Los Angeles-based duo Willy Beaman and Cameron Forbes) back in 2019 has been riding high on the success of the song, which has just been certified Platinum.



With the launch of her skincare line, she has now added “entrepreneur” to her already impressive resume. However, the gorgeous mum-to-be shared that, of all the titles, awards and accolades she has collected over the course of her 18-year career…


My biggest achievement will definitely be being a mother.”



Cradling her baby bump in a brilliantly sparkly pink dress, Fazura talked about how she feels the need to move around and do things. According to her, staying home makes her feel more stressed. As a result, fans will still be able to see Fazura at events, modelling and she’s even just finished filming a music video for her upcoming song. Thankfully, Fazura has the support of her family and her husband.


My family isn’t rushing me; I haven’t gotten everything ready yet. As for negativity, I feel like if you let it take control of you, you lose. So I train myself not to focus on the fact that I’m pregnant. I have a lot of things that I want to do – mind over matter. Of course, this is in moderation. If I feel tired, I will rest, but even today, my baby was excitedly moving around as if to tell me, “Go ahead mummy,”



As for cravings, Fazura shares that she hasn’t really been craving anything specific. However…


When I first got pregnant, I was really fussy about eating. There was a time when he [Fattah] bought a sandwich containing mayonnaise – which I did not like. Because I didn’t like mayonnaise and sauce, I ended up crying. He comforted me and went out again to buy a new sandwich just for me to eat. After that, I apologized to him as he was willing to do anything for me,”


She sang her praise for her husband, who has remained patient through her pregnancy and was willing to give in for her.


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As Fazura continues on her pregnancy journey and works towards her fulfilling her international and local acting and singing plans, we pray she has a peaceful and wonderful time for the remainder of her pregnancy as well as a safe delivery.