Milo & 5 Other Subtle M’sian Traits That Unite Us

It’s a few days after the anniversary of GE14 and we must say that Malaysians are a pretty united bunch, sometimes without even realising it.

Even if you go overseas for a holiday, you’ll probably miss home more than you’d like to admit.

Whether you’re Malay, Chinese, Indian, East Malaysian or Asgardian, here are all the little things we do that make us 100% Malaysian.

1. Milo is our elixir of life

Even if you were a lactose intolerant Malaysian, you’d drink it too. A pregnant lady’s in-laws even chased down a Milo truck so they could help her satisfy her cravings. Soon, Milo brought the truck to her. This is the only story you have to know. If anyone has the audacity to say that Milo is unhealthy, Malaysians will get really angry on Milo’s behalf!

2. GE14

We’ll never forget the sights of Malaysians queuing under the hot sun, volunteers counting and taking care of the votes to make sure it was counted fairly, and Malaysians overseas who flew back to the country with the ballots just in time for the votes to be counted. If you can remember what it’s like when the rakyat finally won, when the election results were finally announced at bleary 2:30AM, you’ll know that you’re 100% Malaysian.

3. Bulan Puasa

Nothing unites us like the fasting month. During the fasting month, non-Muslims will always refrain from eating or drinking in front of our Muslim friends, although they may not mind. Just before our Muslim friends break fast in the evening, we’ll go to bazaar Ramadan and buka puasa together, regardless of race.

4. Speaking in Bahasa Rojak

“Boss, nak tapau kai fan satu.”

Just one of the many things we often say without realizing, even when speaking among our friendship circle. “Hi babe, where do we makan?” Although we may not be fluent in every Malaysian language, we tend to mix it up here and there when we speak, most of the time without realizing, and it sounds perfectly normal to us!

5. Food war

Remember the “crispy rendang” issue in Masterchef UK? Nobody can dictate Malaysian food except Malaysians themselves. If anyone dares to try, you can expect Malaysians to roll up their sleeves and say “Gurrlll you didn’t go there! It’s on!” Whenever other countries try to “claim” our food as theirs, Malaysians can get pretty riled up, so it’s best to just leave us to our food.

6. Your nightlife = clubbing. Malaysians’ nightlife = mamak.

If you haven’t been at a mamak after midnight, are you even Malaysian? Mamak culture is in our blood. We lepak there whether it’s 2PM or 2AM, drinking cups of Milo, Teh Tarik and Kopi O’ Ping, and eating roti canai or maggi goreng. On some nights, we have pasar malam to visit and some places only open at night. Sleep is for the weak.

What’s your favourite thing about being Malaysian? Let us know in the comments below!