Miller Khan’s Little Brother, Aliff Khan, Accused of Abusing His Wife

*Trigger warning: Article contains content and images depicting abuse that may be disturbing to some. Reader discretion is advised.


Aliff Alli Khan, a Malaysian born – Indonesian actor, has recently made headlines for allegations of abuse towards his now ex-wife. This comes only months after news broke that Khan and his wife, Aska Ongi, had filed for divorce after less than a year of marriage.


Photo by Nika di Bali


Indonesian media outlets Wowkeren dan Insertlive have reported that Aska’s attourney, Susan Kali, has revealed that Aliff is a bad-tempered drunk. The media has also gone on to report that Aliff Khan abused his ex-wife while she was four months pregnant.




Via her legal representative, Aska Ongi filed a report with the Indonesian Child Protection Commission in Menteng, Jakarta yesterday (20/5/2020) citing,


“It was a normal problem at first, but then bickering became hitting. Actually, he has been playing rough even from when we were dating.”


Photo from !nsertlive


Aska has forbidden Aliff from meeting their child in fear that the domestic abuse will repeat itself. This isn’t the first time Aska has filed a domestic abuse report with the police but, seeing as to how they were still married at the time, she did not know how to proceed. Now that they are divorced, Aska is looking to take appropriate action. Her legal rep. also mentioned,


“Aliff has also done the same (abuse) towards his ex-wife, Nora Alexandra before this,” 

However, at present, Nora has yet to speak publically about the issue. Aliff’s previous marriage to model Nora Alexandra was in 2016, but the couple separated a year later. Aliff and Aska got married on the 19th of December 2018, in a private ceremony in Bali, Indonesia. They were blessed with a baby girl on the 2nd of May the following year before filing for divorce in November last year.


According to Aska’s legal rep.,  on the 9th day of their marriage, she experienced brutal abuse at a hotel in Bali.


“The worst was when she was in Bali, nine days after the marriage. She was slapped, dragged, grabbed… They shouted in the corridor of the fourth floor of the hotel but there was no one around.” 


Responding to comments on her Instagram, Aska told fans,


“Don’t pity us, we were not abandoned. Instead of having a parent that is unclear with his life and has a temperament etc that can forget to prioritise his child – which would you choose?”




The 29-year-old actor, Aliff Khan happens to be the sibling of Miller Khan, Isa Khan dan Farali Khan.


In his time in Indonesia, he has starred in movies and TV shows, including “Heart 2 Heart”, “Kau Berasal Dari Bintang”, “Rahasia Cinta”, And “Catatan Hati Seorang Gadis”.




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