Millennials Are “Throning” To Level Up Their Social Status

In a world of where dating apps matter more than actual dating, we should count ourselves lucky when we have a partner that can materialize IRL, any time we want.

Or is it actually a curse? When it comes to the new millennial dating trend, throning, you may be in for a shock if you find out that your partner is using you as a stepping stone up the social ladder.

Yep, millennials are both in danger and guilty of throning. Read on to find out more about this dating trend that’s taking the world of influencers by storm.

What is throning?

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Inspired by Kim and Kanye, Hollywood’s real-life power couple, throning happens when a person dates someone in order to elevate their social status, like how the reality star and musician elevated each other’s.

But not all couples are thronically (this is not an actual word, I made it up) functional like Kim and Kanye. More often than not, some individuals become victims of throning without realizing it. According to The Sun UK, 10% of men tend to use their partners as a throne, compared to 3% of women. So successful ladies, be careful of the men you date!

Signs your date is using you as a throne

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1. Your relationship feels superficial. It’s all on the surface, but you and your partner are not really compatible, you just look good together. But when it comes to love, you’re still not sure if you’re each other’s soulmates.

2. Your partner constantly asks you for help in certain areas, like career, finances and social media status, but they haven’t offered to elevate you back in any way. You’re not even on their Instagram feed, FGS, but he’s always on yours because the shout-outs matter.

3. If you ever find out, your partner’s exes had a similar social status to you, and trust us, he’s probably had a number of exes. When he’s reached the ultimate level in the duration of your relationship, he’ll probably move on to someone with a higher social status.

You can do so much better, kween, and you know it! Whether you’re being throned and guilty of throning, it’s time to end this unhealthy relationship trend once and for all.