Millennials Are “Peacocking” To Get Their Crush To Notice Them

You may have not heard of the millennial term ‘peacocking’ but we’re sure you’ve probably done it before at some point in your life.

The term is derived from the way male peacocks spread their feathers to attract the female’s attention. However, when it comes to humans, both males and females tend to ‘peacock’ their way into someone’s heart – more often than not, it lands the desired results.

If you want your crush to notice you, here are some ways you attract their attention by ‘peacocking’ (and note that it involves more effort than just social media). It’s not subtle either – your crush will definitely, 100% notice you.

Be flirty

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Peacocking can be really obvious sometimes. If you really like a person, start flirting with them. Twirl your hair around your fingers when you speak and shower your crush with compliments. Speak softly and extra feminine-ly so they’ll notice how cute you are, dear peacock. Bat your eyelashes and let your body language say that you’re eager to be more than friends.

Make friends with his friends

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One way to a man is through his homies, right? Make friends with your crush’s friends too, so you’ll be in the inner circle of friendship, and it’ll be easier to peacock your way into his heart. Hang out with his friends, and talk to them, but make it clear that you’re not interested in dating them. You don’t want your crush to be confused.

Text your crush, but remain aloof

When he texts you, reply after a few minutes and make sure not to appear too eager. You’re peacocking, and not throwing yourself at him after all. Ask about his day and appear interested, but don’t leave too many messages in between texts so you don’t appear too desperate (or annoying). Peacocks are attractive, so remember that you are too/

Engage with his social media account

Like his photos and comment on his pictures when you can. It doesn’t have to be a compliment on his appearance, but if he posts a holiday photo, you can say “So jealous!” Leave a subtle comment to attract their attention – and most regular people would reply to their Instagram comments. Unless you’ve commented on someone like Chris Hemsworth’s picture. You’ll be surrounded by other peacocks and your comment will get buried.

Are you excited to start ‘peacocking’? Let us know in the comments below!