Why More Millennial Asian Women Are Sexually Active & Unmarried

Millennial Asian women are choosing to avoid marriage, and yet remain sexually active as they enter adulthood. No biggie. We just like to experiment.

Yet, why are we still so afraid to start a conversation about sex, even among our peers? Most sexually active Asian women certainly won’t admit that they’re happily getting some. Why is that?

“I think women are afraid to admit that we’re sexually active because we don’t want to be labelled as ‘sluts’ or ‘damaged goods.'” – Dharshaini Grace.

In most Korean dramas, you’ll have to wait ’til the 9th or 10th episode for the first kiss. PDA is frowned upon, even if the couple is already married. Are sexually active women sluts if they’re not married? Why are sexually active, unmarried women not labelled as ‘strong’ and ‘confident’ instead? Let’s embrace our sexual prowess and embrace the ‘slut’ label, and here’s how you can do it.

We already care less about what other people think.

In other words, we’ve stopped being shy. Let’s face it, people will call you a slut even if you’re a virgin. She wears shorts skirts, so she must be a slut. See? People will be rude no matter how nice you are. It hurt when you were 18, and it hurts much less now simply because you’ve stopped caring about what other people think. All that dopamine released from sexual pleasure keeps you calm, happy, and relaxed. Plus, haven’t you guessed that sex is one of the secrets to flawless skin? That’s why sexually active women have that inner glow, and age gracefully too.

Millennial women embrace their sexual prowess

Being ‘sexually active’ doesn’t just mean intercourse. It can even be oral sex, extremely passionate making out, and even masturbation. If you don’t have a partner, might as well pleasure yourself, right? Also, sexually active women are usually more dominant in bed and more likely initiate sex, to the extent that some men may perceive this as a threat. We need to find men who can keep up with us. Confidence is key, after all.

Girls just wanna have fun (safely)

Safe sex is a thing – women can choose from many contraceptive methods, because honestly, we don’t really trust men to always have a condom in hand. We can take pills to make sure we don’t get pregnant from having unprotected sex, go to the doctor’s to get a patch or an IUD, and there’s even plan B at the nearest pharmacy if we forget. Contraceptives are more advanced and readily available than they were 10 years ago. Most pharmacies and private hospitals don’t really care to ask personal questions, and doctors are legally obliged to give you the contraceptives you need. In this economy, they probably need all the business they can get.

Marriage isn’t a prerequisite to have sex

Before safe sex was a thing, marriage was probably THE prerequisite to have sex. I mean, you wouldn’t want to have sex and then accidentally get pregnant or herpes. Anyway, it’s an unpopular opinion, especially in this conservative country, but you don’t need to be married to have sex. After all, if you’re a strong, independent woman who is sex-educated, all you need is a partner who is willing to get down and dirty with you. Divorce is expensive anyway, at least, if you marry the wrong person.

If you’re not sexually active yet, don’t feel pressured, okay? Do it safely, and do it when you’re ready. Check out our Off Limits podcast where we talk about sex. Let us know what you think in our social media channels, or in the comments below.