Millennial Newlyweds Are Ditching Their Honeymoon For A “Buddymoon”

Traditionally, a newlywed couple would spend the wedding day having fun with their family and friends.

Then, the couple heads off together on a honeymoon, just the husband and wife. Everyone wishes them a safe trip and are happy for them to start a new life together.

Well, millennials are changing tradition, once again. The honeymoon has been pushed aside in favour of a “buddymoon.” We’ll tell you more about it in a sec.

So what exactly is a buddymoon?

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A buddymoon is basically a like honeymoon, but instead of the couple going on this romantic adventure alone, their friends and families get to tag along too. And it may actually work out pretty well. According to this survey, 52% of millennial couples feel like they have more fun in a group of friends, rather than being alone with their partner.

Why the buddymoon?

Well, with our busy lives, it’s pretty hard to get every one of our friends and family members to come together unless it’s for someone’s wedding. Before the buddymoon begins, everyone has already gathered together, which makes planning and going on the trip much easier than planning an entirely different vacation.


Jennifer Aniston had a buddymoon too – she and Justin Theroux escaped on a honeymoon to Bora-Bora back in August 2015 with her Courtney Cox, Jason Bateman, and Chelsea Handler. It would have made such a great Friends episode.

Should you have a buddymoon?

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Don’t feel like you have to choose between both. A honeymoon is for when you want to have a lovely, romantic time with your partner, while a buddymoon is when you want a fun, boisterous adventure. You can even do adventurous activities like water rafting and snorkelling together, and you may not have to mix with other groups of people.

Ultimately, a buddymoon is all about the couple, friendship and happiness. Feel free to tag us in your buddymoon photos!