Miley Accused Of Stealing Feminist Artworks For Her Female Rights Campaign

Yikes! Miley Cyrus got called out for stealing artworks. That’s right, the 27 year old singer, was promoting her latest album, She Is Coming while campaigning for reproductive rights and feminist issues like sex positivity. However, she was then was accused of plagiarising a couple of designs when she did not credit the artists work.

There were multiple comments on the irony of Miley, campaigning for female rights yet used artists’ works who’ve been fighting the stigma for a long time.

The Sweet Feminist calls out on Miley for stealing her ‘Abortion Is Healthcare’ cake. 

On 6th June, Miley posted an announcement on her Instagram of her Happy Hippie Foundation partnership with Planned Parenthood and Marc Jacobs.

The post featured her licking an “Abortion Is Healthcare” cake, in which Becca Rea-Holloway aka The Sweet Feminist accused Miley of stealing the exact replica of her cake design. Becca Rea posted, “It is a direct theft of my own original art work from May 2018, with no credit. It’s literally my exact handwriting, message, and concept.”

Even fans who’ve recognised the cake’s original artwork, weren’t having any of it.

Even on Instagram, there were comments on the irony of Miley’s feminist campaign, preaching of feminist while stealing from a feminist artist.

Miley has since credited the baker responsible for the cake art but people were still unhappy about the whole deal.

Here’s the catch though, the comment gave no signs of compensation, in which the grams’ thought it was the most appropriate thing to do.

No update though on whether a compensation was ever made to The Sweet Feminist. Shockingly, she wasn’t the only artist that reportedly got her artwork stolen by the pop-star.

Miley accused of copying Stephanie Sarley, “fruit porn” artist in her music video teaser. 

In her music video for She Is Coming, Miley is seen fingering a melon, similarly in the same way done by Stephanie Sarley. The artist that Miley allegedly copied from is known for her erotic fruit videos. Her work has been displayed in museums and featured all around the world.

Stephanie was also dubbed “The Inventor of Fruit Porn” by a French critic, when the Museum der Dinge in Berlin included her in “The Eroticism of Things” exhibition.

According to Vice, Stephanie disclosed to the publication via email that, Miley’s has yet to contact her. She said, “People @ my name non-stop to her copy of my work. I’m being notified [with] countless DMs and stories about the copy.”

What do you think of the stolen arts issue? Did Miley really plagiarise or was it pure coincidence? Let’s be clear though, stealing another artist’s work can break one’s career. Especially since they’ve worked really hard for it. The next time you share something from the Internet, do the right thing and credit them!