‘Microcheating’ In Millennial Relationships Happens More Often Than You Think

Cheating is universally known as something that ruins relationships, but what about microcheating?

Microcheating is a bit like emotional cheating in which it’s more subtle than actual cheating – you don’t notice it until it’s too late!

Let’s find out what exactly is microcheating and find out the signs that your partner could be doing it to you.

What is microcheating?

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Microcheating happens when you create opportunities for affectionate behavior towards others outside of your relationship. This means flirty comments, flirty emojis, and sending long, flirtatious texts. Some people do it when their partner isn’t around, or even do it unintentionally in front of their partners

It may start off with a bit of flirting online, but can turn into full-blown emotional cheating if you don’t watch out. From this initial stage of flirting, your partner may start to allow themselves to fall a little bit in love with the other person.

Where do you cross the line between regular behavior and microcheating?

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So, when do you cross the line? The answer is easy; if you think your partner would not be comfortable with you doing this (with someone else), then that’s a sign to not do it, or be affectionate in any way. But if we’re going to count all the little things, what isn’t? Basically, anything that does not have an emotional connection or interaction, like having a celebrity crush.

How to tell if your partner is microcheating on you?

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1. Your partner sends lots of flirty emojis and texts to other women. Of course, you don’t need to snoop into his phone. More often than not, the answer will reveal itself.

2. Your partner follows, likes and comments on their ex’s posts on Instagram. Watch out, he could be peacocking!

3. Your partner flirts with other people, but insists that he’s ‘being friendly.’ Gurl, you know better!

4. If you confront your partner about it, he shuts you down or blames you for ‘overreacting.’ If your partner really cares about your relationship, they’d explain and mend it ASAP.

5. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, but your partner is still on a dating app, that may be a cause for concern.

If you’re reading this, just know that you’re not being paranoid if you confront your partner about microcheating. You deserve your partner’s 100% and if they’re sending flirty emojis to someone else, maybe you’re better off without this microcheater!