#MenAskLikely: “What Should I Do If My Partner Sends Me Nudes?”

“What should I do if my partner sends me nudes?” – James

When is the right time to send nudes in a relationship?

Most women send nudes when they’re feeling intimate, and when they trust the guy in their relationship. So, if your better half is sending you nudes, consider this as a sign of commitment. There’s a really high chance that she’s only sending it to you. Yes, you’re her chosen one.

Hopefully, you’ve talked about it before or she’s given you a heads-up. When you receive them, tell her how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate her. Thank her for her effort because nudes are harder to take than OOTDs.

Do you respond with … nudes?

You should do what you’re comfortable with, but here’s a not so fun fact – most women are not into dick pics. It’s true. We like dicks IRL, just not in pictures, for some reason, and we hate unsolicited dick pics. It’s not necessary to send one unless your better half requests for it (which means she’ll probably like it, but we can’t say for sure) and you consent to it.

For safety reasons, it’s best to DELETE those nudes

Once you’ve appreciated the nudes (she took the time and effort to take them after all), it’s best to delete them for safety reasons. If your device gets hacked into ~ touch wood ~ there won’t be anything incriminating about your better half. The picture is only OK to keep if her face isn’t visible.

Not that nudes are incriminating at all, but having them out in the open could affect her career if she was a public figure or a role model (eg: a teacher). If you have tip-top cybersecurity software, you can probably store them in a dark place, but not in a cloud, please, nothing online like that.