#MenAskLikely: How To Create An Emotional Connection With My Date?

Relationships are more than just physical – our emotions connect us in a way that we wouldn’t have imagined if we haven’t experienced it.

One of our male readers, Adam* asked us, “How do I create an emotional connection with my date?”

In the process of building a relationship, emotional connection matters, and we’ll let you in on 3 steps to create this type of connection that goes beyond physical attributes.

1. The best present to give your date is undivided attention.


Attention is a very important currency in relationships, people! Your full presence is significant in establishing an emotional connection with your date. You don’t have to have deep chats with her, but it’s good to remember that mutual communication is key. So, put your phone away, look her in the eye, and give her all the attention she deserves.

2. Experience your interests together

One of the ideal ways to build an emotional connection with someone you’re just getting to know is to experience your interests together. For example, if she’s interested in unicorns, take her to a unicorn fair, and if she’s a keeper, she’ll probably do the same for your interests. This way, you both get to know each other much better.

3. Open up when it comes to talking about yourself

Even if you think that your date may not be interested in your life’s stories, you may be surprised to find out that the opposite is true. Yes, she really does want to know more about you! Don’t stick to the safe stuff, like your career, your pet, your weekend, although those are OK things to talk about. Be raw, tell her your life stories without being TMI, and she will start to see you as more than just a date.