#MenAskLikely: How Do I Make My Virtual Date Fun & Interesting?

‘’What are some fun and creative activities we can do for virtual dating while social distancing?’’ – M. Shah

Practicing social distancing during Movement Control Order doesn’t mean you have to put your dating life on hold. If you just started getting to know someone, or never got to schedule that first date, believe me there’s still hope. 

There are still a lot of approaches to strike up a sentiment with somebody—it just requires some creativity. However sometimes, “just talking” on Whatsapp, browsing through their social media and FaceTime-ing just aren’t enough. Long distance can be a hard stretch and it’s critical to keep the spark alive. Here, we gathered some of the top fun activities you can do with your significant other while maintaining the social distance rules. Remember, stay home! 

1. Make a meal together

Yes, plan out your date to make the same meal. This is a great method to interact and talk through how to prepare the meal. Just pick a simple recipe like a basic chocolate cake or mouth-watering curry, nevertheless you both are going to have a lot of fun! Make sure to buy all the right ingredients as well. Check out: 5 Simple (Halal) Asian Meals To Make With Minimal Supplies. 

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2. Watch a show or movie together 

We’re lucky to live in the age of digital era, so there’s nothing’s impossible. With Google Chrome extension Netflix Party, you and your significant other can stream and binge watch shows and movies available online—at the same time. They even make your life easier by syncing playback and giving the option to add in window chat. Movie party, anyone? Check out: 7 Malaysian Movies To (Re)Watch While We’re Under Movement Control Order. 

3. Play an online game together 

Who says board game nights have to end just because you’re stuck in separate places? You can play popular games like Settlers of Catan online, or join them in their Animal Crossing island. If you have shared friends—or want to start sharing them—you could try playing games like Heads Up over Zoom. 

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4. Visit virtual zoos and museums together 

Fortunately, you and your darling can enjoy virtual tours of many popular zoos and museums! Museums across the region and the globe are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. But thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you can still explore hundreds of them virtually.

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