Men Wear Watches During Sex To Appear More Attractive?

There’s article on men wearing FitBit during sex. Apparently because it allows them to try “harder.” Talking about it among the Likely girls, one of them suddenly popped a new question mark into our heads – do men wear watches while getting steamy under the sheets?

What is this new kinky thing that men are into? To which one of the girls remarked with, “It makes him feel sexy!” Just like how we feel when wearing heels during sex. We did a little digging and found some answers to this, thanks to the amazing world of Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Maybe he has wrist fetish? 

Why not? Everyone’s got their own kinky fantasy… As long as you are totally okay with it!

Or maybe they’re just really, really busy. 

Well it is a good way to keep track of time during quickies or afternoon delights.

But in all seriousness, this guy summed up perfectly why some guys love wearing watches during an intimate sesh.

He wrote, ” Jewelry draws attention to specific places.” He explains how he likes women who wear earrings because it attracts his attention to the area right below their ear. While rings and watches draws attention to their hands.

Woah, so mind-blown. Now you know what to do too if you want to your partner to notice a certain part of your body!