Mattel’s Gender Neutral Doll Line Receives Hate Comments From The Public

Woah, Mattel just keeps breaking boundaries! Just recently, they expanded their doll range which included curvy, Afro-hairdo and even dolls with a prosthetic leg while the other in a wheelchair.

Keeping the labels out with Gender Neutral Dolls Collection 

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🏀 by day and 🎸by night. With 💯 + looks all in one kit, kids can create their own characters again and again. #CreatableWorld #AllWelcome

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In a move to inclusiveness, Mattel introduced Creatable World line on Wednesday. The collection features gender-neutral dolls that are totally customisable. That’s right, you can create the dolls to your desired look!

A huge deal for everyone who’s never felt like they were represented by the classic Barbie doll

The doll kit comes with short hair and long hair options, six pieces of clothing, three pairs of shoes and two accessories that are both female-presenting and male-presenting. Even the doll’s body shape differs from the standard Barbie curves and Ken’s broad shoulders.

The bold move by Mattel was applauded by many! 

Unfortunately, some called out the brand for creating a dysfunctional lifestyle. 

Mattel received some serious harsh words despite their good intentions. But hey, you simply can’t please everybody! What do you think of Mattel’s new dolls collection? A change needed by society or a business scam? Let us know