Married To Your Job? It Gets Better With A Work Wife

Wives certainly play an important role in life and apparently at work. We’re not talking about the actual married ‘wife’ but a work-wife!

She’s your on-the-job ride-or-die b*tch and the reason you’re excited to come to work. You dread the day she takes sick leave and even when she’s on her annual leave. It feels like friggin 12 hours of work without her and what about lunch? Who will you ever grab lunch with to gossip?

According to a 2015 study, having a work-wife can indeed make you happier at work. It showed that work wives have high high-levels of disclosure and support, mutual trust, honesty, loyalty and respect.

Not only that, you both share similar traits to one another like humour. Well, that explains why you both despise that a$s-colleague so much!

But other than that, here’s why having a work-wife is the best damn thing that can ever happen to you.

1. She has your back no matter what 

Running late or in need for some Monday blues fix ASAP? She’s got you! Besides, you can always count on her to help craft the perfect-professional official email to that colleague who’s been delaying work stuff and to hype you up whenever your idea gets slashed. Relatable?

2. More than just a colleague 

Your work-wife is more than just a working mate. She probably knows your life crisis more than your friends do. From your breakdowns to embarrassing dates, she’s seen it all. Not to mention, after-hours drinking sesh!

3. Your personal therapist/counselor/gossip girl 

When the going gets tough, vent it out. Work can sometimes get the best of us but she knows that. You can tell her everything and the secret will be safe with her. In fact, she’ll also give you some solid advice on how you can counter-attack your frustrating boss. If you need a distraction, you know where to get the hottest tea!

Above all, she literally takes no offense to your shitty attitude that you unintentionally show. She gets it! But a word of advice, don’t take advantage of your work wife because the minute she’s gone, your work life becomes a blur.