Marilyn Monroe: “I’ve Been Told That My Eating Habits Are Absolutely Bizarre.”

When it comes to Old Hollywood Glamour, nobody was more alluring than Marilyn Monroe.

Her signature blonde hair, red lips and vivacious personality made her the face of Hollywood entertainment, even years after the actress, model & singer’s tragic death in 1962.

From wearing multiple layers of lipstick to her bizarre diet, we uncover the Hollywood icon’s beauty secrets.

Marilyn’s “nourishing” breakfast

Source: Pinterest

The actress begins her day by heating up a cup of milk over a hot plate. When the milk is heated, she breaks two raw eggs into the mixture, then whips it up with a fork. She drinks her milk-and-eggs while she dresses up and gets ready for the day ahead.

“I doubt if any doctor could recommend a more nourishing breakfast for a working girl in a hurry.”

It’s probably what’s best for the busy Hollywood icon! Meanwhile, it was revealed that she ate broiled meat and four to five raw carrots for dinner. She described herself as “part rabbit.”

She moisturises under her makeup

According to Vogue, Marilyn was an advocate for moisturising your skin. The award-winning actress would apply generous layers of Vaseline or Nivea Creme under her makeup. She would slather olive oil all over her skin for extra nourishment, and deliberately kept away from the sun despite wearing sunscreen.

Besides that, Marilyn usually slept between 5 to 10 hours every night. On Sundays, which were her off days, she would get the most of her beauty sleep and lie in bed for two hours before she finally woke up.

Wait, how many layers of lipstick did she wear?

To create her signature pout, Marilyn Monroe would wear five layers of lipstick. That’s more layers than we can imagine! Darker shades of red were applied to the outer corners of her lips. Her inner lips were lined with lighter shades of red while highlighting products were used to finish off on the top and bottom of her lips.