Malaysians Express Awe At YouTube Cooking Sensation Pavithra’s Stunning Transformation In Local Designs

Let’s make this clear –


If there’s one thing Malaysia’s new favourite cooking channel, SuguPavithra, has proven, it’s the fact that true talent will find it’s way to centre stage and when it does, everyone will recognise it.



After accumulating almost half a million subscribers overnight, S. Pavithra and her husband, M.Sugu, are finding themselves overwhelmed with requests from the media for interviews and TV show appearances but the one request we are oh-so-happy they did not turn down? S. Pavithra’s interview and magazine cover shoot with Pepatung magazine.



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Kisah yang ditularkan semalam tentang Pavithra menjadi model photoshoot sebenarnya EKSKLUSIF untuk @pepatungmy . Team kami ke Sungai Siput, Perak bagi menjayakan sesi fotografi dan temu bual bersama pasangan suami isteri Sugu Pavithra. . Layari cerita mereka di dan terima kasih kerana membaca dari sumber asal❤ . Penulis: @alif_ashburn / Jurufoto: @pinography / Juruvideo: @nabilhussin / Jurusolek: @razzimusa / Penata Gaya: @holyblackrapunzel / Pembantu Fotografi: @itsme_gigy / Grafik: @sutramaya / Pakaian: @bernardchandranofficial , @wanpaofficial , @rizmanruzaini & Gayathiri Silk Sarees Palace / Aksesori: @alamkaara & @zulherizalstudio . #pepatungmy #wajahpepatung #sugupavithra

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Shot by the amazing team at Pepatung [Pino (photographer), Nabil Hussin (videographer), Razzi Musa (MUA), Zul Herizal (stylist), Fazizi (assistant photographer), and Alif Ashburn (writer)] in Sungai Siput, Perak and carefully timed by Pravithra’s husband, Sugu, the 29-year-old housewife showed off her high cheekbones, gorgeous eyes and effortless elegance in designs by famed couture designers Rizman Ruzaini, Bernard Chandran and Wanpa. With the way the photos turned out, you’d think Pravithra’s been modelling for ages! But, as it turns out, she tells Pepatung that this is the first time in 8 years that she’s put on a full face of makeup.


“In all my life, this is my first time putting on false lashes. The last time I did my make up was 8 years ago when I was getting married. I’ve never been a fan [of makeup]. After having kids, I have not put on makeup at all. If we leave the house, I will occasionally use face powder.”



After a photo of her started making its rounds on Twitter, people started praising the mother of two for her beauty.



But once the full photos of Pravithra were released, Malaysians were left breathless. Some have likened her to Cinderella, citing her as both a beauty on the outside and on the inside, while others share their love for the humble chef.










From simple videos in Bahasa to wearing outfits from some of the most celebrated designers in Malaysia, Pavithra has made her way into the hears of Malaysians everywhere. Will this newfound fame change Pravithra and her husband? So far, it seems like the change has been for the better! The couple recently moved into a new house with what they’ve earned from their Youtube channel. Will it mean that they let the fame get to them? No. Because in her own words…


When we were poor, people thought we would forever live in hardship. Now that it’s a little bit easier, there are those who aren’t happy [with our success]. They remark that we will forget who we are and they can’t wait to see our downfall. We don’t care if, tomorrow, we aren’t popular or if we can’t make a living off YouTube. We’ve always been in hardship and even if we go back to that, it won’t break our spirit.”


Now, that’s the spirit of a true fighter and inspiration.



*Cover image credits: MUA Razzi Musa on Instagram