Malaysians, Earn Extra Cash by Using Your Mobile Phone

We use our mobile phone 24/7, doing random stuff to kill time such as playing games, watching movies, catching up on social media and so many more. Doing any of these won’t exactly help you to earn money — instead, it is the opposite.

We tend to spend more when we see interesting things online such as purchasing new clothes or flight tickets. It can’t be helped.

However, what if we tell you that there’s a way for you to earn money using your mobile phone? Yeap, you read that right, and these platforms are legit too! Here are some sites and apps that you can check out to earn extra cash.


If you love getting free merchandise and earning some ka-ching ka-ching, you’re going to love this app.

Previously known as 8Share, 8coin is a revamped mobile application, where you can choose to either cash-out or redeem awesome merchandises with the earned coins.

Dooit Live

This is for you smarty-pants, because Dooit Live is an app that tests your general knowledge with trivia questions. To win cash, all you got to do is to answer all the questions right and you’ll stand a chance to win a share of the cash prize. But you’ll have to answer fast because the time limit is only 10 seconds!


Get rewarded for completing small tasks like completing surveys and testing out new products/services. Just download the app, look for tasks and complete the task accordingly. You can then cash your money out once you’ve earned a minimum of RM 10.


Earn cash by taking online surveys from an online panel called Mobrog. All you have to do is register for a free account and participate in surveys of your choice. There’ll be different cash incentives according to the surveys. However, the only downside of this app is that you will need to register for a PayPal account to cash out your payment.

Netizen Testing

Be a Netizen Testing tester and earn money by testing out websites and giving verbal feedback. Plus it pays in US Dollars, to which you can collect after 14 days working days.