7 Malaysian Women Share Their Horrible Tinder Experiences

Going on dating apps is officially the 21st Century’s favourite way of discovering new people. While some prefer to use it simply with the aim to satisfy their sexual needs (which is nothing wrong btw), the hopeless romantics, on the other hand, are using this chance to meet their potential life partner.

For instance, the Tinder app is one of the best platform out there. And the best part is, you even get to ogle cute hunks without any hard feelings of being rejected.

However, things are not always good when you talk to strangers on Tinder, as the conversation could turn cringe-y in a split second. Just scroll below and read what these Malaysian ladies had went through on the dating app:

1.  The Unlucky Girl Who Got Catfished

This is something we all don’t get. Why the need to catfish people, yo? Save both of your time by uploading your real photo. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You might think you’re not that good looking, but some might think that you are fineeeee.

2. The Dude with a Girlfriend 

One thing that’s never okay is cheating. You can use Tinder to have flings and casual sex, but it is totally not cool when you’re in a serious relationship. The least you can do is to be honest with your Tinder date and save the drama.

3. Heavy Baggage Alert 

It’s never nice to date someone who isn’t over their ex. Although you’re probably looking for a rebound, but if you’re not ready to enter the dating scene, take some time off to focus on something much more important — YOU.

4. The Guy Who Takes Cheating To A Whole New Level 

If you’re not happy with your current relationship, just leave because being in an unfaithful relationship is toxic. Even more so, if your current partner depends heavily on you. Live the single life until you’re ready to settle down.

5. The Super Creepy Stalker 

Eek, this is really creepy and isn’t safe for you too! Remember to take safety precautions when using online dating sites because you never know who’s lurking behind the screen. Should you ever get messages from unknown profiles, be sure to block and report the profile.

6. The Date Who Went M.I.A 

Boo-hoo! There’s really no fun in getting ghosted. If you’re not into that person anymore and you’re too scared to tell that person face to face or on call, the least you can do is drop a friggin’ text.

7. Ahem, TMI much! 

Well you know what they say, some things are better left to the imagination. Giving too much details about yourself in one go might just make you seem desperate and cocky. This is not an email interview. Take turn to ask each other questions, that way, you’ll leave date wanting for more.