M’sian Men Reveal If They’re OK With Their GFs’ Male Friends

Last week, fans of singer-actor Aliff Aziz and wife, Bella Astillah were shocked to learn that Aliff cheated on her with his co-actress, Oktovia Manrose.

Deep down, 25-year-old Bella knew in her guts that female friend who was always there for her and her husband was not right. Something felt like it didn’t click. And before she knew it, he was having an affair. So it’s easy to understand why one can feel insecure when a partner befriends the opposite gender.

On our previous post, we wrote on signs his female friend might be sabotaging your relationship. But this time, we wanted to know if the guys are okay with their S.O having close male friends.

Ladies, is your partner okay with you having a male BFF?

Posted by Likely on Isnin, 4 Mac 2019

Here’s what our Malaysian men have to say:

1. EL Hot FM, 30

“It should be okay but not too close. I understand sometimes, we need to share our problems with other male friends when they face problems with us, however there must be boundaries. At times, we may be jealous but we rather stay silent because of our ego.”

2. Anwar Hadi, 29

“Yes, I’m okay with it. I choose to trust her and if she loves me (as she claim), I trust that she would not do anything to betray that trust. Also, I do not control her and should be happy that she can find happiness wherever she does.”

3. Choo Ping, 24

“It’s okay for me personally because I think everyone can have their own friends.”

4. Amir Mirza, 24 

“YES. I think it’s just about dealing with your insecurities. Just become the most attractive version of yourself and you’ll believe that your girl will forever be stuck with you, xx.”

5. Joshua R. Kanesan, 30

“I don’t think so. Something just isn’t right there. She’s my wife and I’m her only male best friend.”

6. Tristen Lorenzio Richards, 23

I don’t have a problem with girlfriends having male BFFs as long we have trust and she knows her limit. Another reason is because the girlfriend probably already had a male BFF before getting into a relationship. I wouldn’t want to ruin their friendship.