Malaysian Captures Breathtaking Images Of KL As It “Heals” During MCO

In a recent interview with The Rakyat Post, Siva Kumar – a businessman with a penchant for photography – shared that “photographs are timeless” as they “keep the memory of a loved one alive or become a piece of history for future generations, whether it’s a joyous occasion or a tragedy”. And true to his belief, he’s documented KL at a time where the movement control order has kept everyone indoors. No more hours stuck in traffic, no more air and noise pollution; just quiet streets, empty attractions and bright lights. Here are some of his beautiful images from the MCO:



Nearly 40 million people visit KLCC a year, with numbers increasing every year since its opening in 2004. But now, only a handful make the trip if need be.




2. Solidarity In (A Lack Of) Movement

The Movement Control Order has kept everyone in their homes and thus, Siva Kumar contrasts the image of empty roads with the overflow of vehicles in the car parks of housing areas.



3. Lights, Camera … Quiet

When was the last time you saw streets this empty – no, 3 AM jaunts around town don’t count. This is a different kind of silence; the silence of a nation united in the fight against one cause.


The eery beauty captured in these photos makes us wonder, “What can we do to preserve this beauty, to continue to let the world heal?” even after we fight this pandemic together. And then there’s this…


4. The People Are What Gives A Country Life

Soon, we will be able to go out; to continue living our daily lives, to interact and meet with the people we love. This is a beautiful reminder of what we’re working for now, as one country.


Stay home and stay safe, ya’ll. We got this.