Malaysian CEO Abuses Security Guards & Pops Unhealthy Amount Of Pills; Netizens Angered By ‘Malaysian Karen’

Recently, the CEO of a local beauty brand came under fire for verbally abusing and threatening a security guard at a mall in Kuala Lumpur.


In a video that her own sister – known as Eka – shared, the blond-haired Ceknon is seen throwing a fit over her sister being barred from entering the premise because she failed to wear a mask. She threatens to “sepak” (kick) the guards and berates them for not “having masks prepared”. Her ire, fueled by the sight of a child that enters the building without a mask, is directed at the guards as she points her finger inches away from his face and screams at him for letting the child in, calling him and the other guards present “blind” and “c***s”. The video then cuts to the two walking in IKEA with face masks and their closing statement,


Reached IKEA with Ceknon – without having to wear a mask, buy a mask or bring along a mask. No need for that. People will give it to you for free hehehe Find a sister that is hot-tempered.


However, their impertinence doesn’t end there – nuh uh, honey. They even take to their social media to further insult and bully the security guards. In a post on her official Facebook page, Ceknon posted a picture of herself alongside the caption,







Who are these guards compared to Ceknon. With a basic salary of only RM1000, when compared to Ceknon who is a founder making tens of thousands of ringgit in a day. To the wives who get husbands that work as guards, they must look black and fat, with their men earning so little, it’s a pity they cannot beautify their wives. And then the men try to act like they have the power of the polis. Please be aware that you are a guard who simply works to manage safely and theft only, not here to ‘jaga kain pelekat orang’. Have some shame in being a guard that only earns enough to live day by day… trash job.”








Her sister, upon seeing the backlash to the video, also turned to social media. In an attempt to explain the situation, Eka posted an equally insulting and racist Instagram story. In it, she says…




With regards to the mask. I didn’t bring a mask with me that day because we were going shopping at Ikea, a reputable and expensive store. It’s not like we were going somewhere that poor people would shop. We expected them to prepare free masks for us, or at least have them ready for us to buy. However, when we tried to enter, the bangla desh (guard) was being [difficult]. He asked Ceknon and I to leave and buy a mask at MyTown – his father must have taught him this! Do you think that entereing the car park is free? Do you think I’m a bangla like you? To have to listen to a bangla? Stupid Makcik Bawangs only listen to banglas. To exit a mall to buy 1 mask for 1 person only! Do you think the roads of KL are like the roads of a village? With clear, no traffic roads? It’s jammed la f*****, KL is not like village roads.

When I go to sundry shops, even they give out free masks. This huge shopping mall is stupidly backwards. Without any preparation of masks, like f******.

Of course, Ceknon will get angry. Everyone is thrashing her. Because at the front, they prepare mask and sanitisers but I don’t know if they were lazy to top them up or what.

I am Ceknon’s blood sister. I know her attitude from inside out. I swear she is a crazy nice person. But people assume she is evil and whatnot. Humans mouths that are like dogs (bark like them) cannot be closed. So only I know my sisters attitude. If you don’t like it, don’t stalk us, stupid! I didn’t force you to watch my story or follow me. If you don’t like it, sit quietly, you pakcik and makcik bawangs!”










Instead of actually explaining the situation, Eka merely seems to be disparaging the hardworking guards by insultingly referring to them as “Bangla” (which is often seen as a racist way of referring to Bangladeshi nationals) and going off on the people that are criticising their actions (a ‘makcik bawang’ is someone who knows nothing but acts like they know everything by gossiping and speaking ill of others).


Not only that…

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Following her fit at IKEA, Ceknon has once again made headlines  – this time, for abusing her pill intake. In the video, Ceknon shows off her products’ new packaging, saying how it fits in your bag and is perfect for those who are on vacation and are short of time but want to look good. Taking out three different bottles – the first two containing pills and the third, a liquid of some sort – she fills up the caps with the medication before she downs them with a carbonated drink.



According to Ceknon, these products are products that “many go crazy over” and will help those who want to look like “Barbie dolls”. In a separate post on her official Facebook page, the same video above is posted with a caption that seems to compare women to housepets and lizards. The caption reads –


For the husbands, let’s help your pet to be beautiful like Ceknon, buy them products that Ceknon eats, do not let them continue to grow larger like lizards at home!”



However, many have expressed their shock and fear (for her organs) after having watched her video. A nephrologist (a type of doctor that specializes in diseases and conditions that affect the kidneys) with the Ministry of Health Malaysia, commented on the video on Twitter, stating –


As a Doctor, I can only pray that her internal organs do not experience side effects.”



Many have agreed with her, sharing their own reactions to Ceknon’s antics.





“It’s not that I want to body shame her but even though her skin is like paper, she is still not l**a. Maybe it’s because her attitude is bad, so automatically everything is bad. Eating pills like she doesn’t value her life. Why la.”






The actions of Ceknon and her sister are prime examples of what not do, friends. There is no glory in insulting and disparaging people who are merely doing their jobs and trying to follow SOPs set by the government. There is no benefit to ingesting a mountain of pills – heck, it’s dangerous on so many levels. Practice patience and stay informed of what is safe to consume.