8 Party-Proof Make Up Tips, So You Don’t Look Like Momo

Written by Yeu-Gynn Yeung

We’ve seen her, on our Facebook feed and in our nightmares. Sometimes, we even see her in our reflection, and feel the goosebumps. The Momo Challenge may just be an internet hoax, but the sculpture is as real as our bad makeup days. Have you ever done your makeup perfectly, only to have it melt off in the heat or terribly smudged after clubbing? You’ve spent your time, money and effort to make yourself look beautiful, yet here you are, makeup as smudged as Momo’s undereyes.

Don’t fret – there are ways to make your makeup last through the sweltering heat and sweaty nights. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can make your makeup last all day so you don’t end up looking like Momo after a few rounds of clubbing.

1. Prep your skin

You wouldn’t believe it, but prepping your skin is the right way to start off your makeup routine for a whole day out. If your skin isn’t nicely prepped, you wouldn’t dare dream of your makeup lasting all day. Cleanse, moisturise and use a toner to prepare your face for the light layers of makeup that’s gonna blend on top of it.

2. Use a primer

A primer is every girl’s lifesaver. A good face primer can seal in your skincare and create a smooth surface for your makeup to go on. Choose a matte, water based and oil-free primer that can fill in your pores and smooth out fine lines. A smooth surface allows your makeup to go on easier too, and it won’t slip off in the heat. Meanwhile, besides enhancing the longevity of your eyeshadow and making the colours pop, an eye primer prevents your eye makeup from smudging. Honestly, anything to avoid the dreaded Momo look.

3. Use oil-free makeup products

Oil-based makeup products slip off easily in the heat. I mean, they’re oil-based after all. If your skin is the dry type, moisturise well with an intense moisturiser before applying your makeup. This well prevent the makeup from drying your skin out. Choose water-based or silicone-based foundations, concealers and cream products.


4. Go with a light hand when applying makeup

Don’t layer on too much makeup. Go with a light hand and apply your makeup sparingly, only adding a little more for pigmentation when it’s necessary. You don’t want your makeup to appear cakey so go with the most minimal amount of product possible. Look at it this way – when you apply such a thick layer of makeup on, the outer layers won’t have any primer to hold onto, and may get smudged easily. Plus, your makeup will look natural, as if you woke up like this!

5. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner

It happens, mascara and eyeliner will smudge throughout the day. You don’t want it to happen, but if you’re going clubbing on a night out, you’ll probably sweat, and maybe you’ll cry. You don’t want to sweat or cry your fabulous face off either. If you use waterproof mascara and eyeliner (and avoid rubbing your eyes), you don’t have to worry about these things. Opt for waterproof items and look fab, girlfriend!


6. Set your makeup

Setting spray and translucent setting powder to the rescue. Apply a light layer of translucent powder onto your face after you’re done applying your complexion products. This will mattify your skin by absorbing any excess oil left on the surface and allows your makeup to last longer. Then, apply your lipstick and eye makeup and seal it off with a trusty setting spray. A setting spray is every makeup artist’s favorite tool because it makes their client’s makeup last all day, with less touch-ups needed. Let’s take a leaf out of a makeup artist’s book and do the same. Choose a mattifying setting spray for this – you know the drill. Another tip is to take a tissue over your lipstick and dust a layer of translucent powder all over to make it more matte, or to mattify satin lipsticks.

7. Don’t touch your face!

In the world of beauty, touching your face after your makeup is done counts as the eighth deadly sin. When you’ve done your makeup, hands off throughout the day. What made this face so gorgeous can also destroy it. Some of us can’t help it – like I rub my eyes sometimes, and a horrible feeling of realization comes over me. Looks like I’ll have to wipe off my eye makeup and redo it again. You don’t want to ruin such a good makeup day, so keep your hands busy and away from your canvas.

8. Pack the essentials

Keep a few essentials in your makeup bag and bring it with you throughout the day. This includes a translucent powder compact, a brush to apply the product, and some blotting paper if your skin tends to get oily. The powder can set and re-set your makeup throughout the day when it’s needed and the blotting paper can soak up the excess oil from your skin. This way, you don’t need to fret about your makeup sliding off if your skin gets a little oily in the sweltering heat.


When you’ve properly set your makeup, you don’t need to worry about looking like Momo. Your horror makeup days are over, sweetie. Set your makeup and conquer the world. Share your anti-Momo makeup tips with us in the comments below, or on our social media handles. We love to hear from you.