Magnetic Lashes Are Perfect If You Suck At Applying Falsies

Eyelashes are like one of the most must-have items next to eyebrows.

We’re willing to experiment with various  just to give ourselves the perfect lashes. From eyelash growth serums to lash extensions and lengthening mascaras, most of you might have tried some of these beauty techniques. The one that never fails to give you the instant lash fix is fake eyelashes.

However, putting on a decent pair of eyelashes can be tricky if not a beauty torture. Unless you’re a makeup artist or posts like beauty tutorials like every other week, sticking on fake eyelashes can take up to solid 30 minutes. But with the rising of beauty tech, magnetic eyelashes are the latest invention to take over the lash world.

What are magnetic lashes?

Traditional strip lashes either uses glue or already has a tape stick to the fake lashes. As for magnetic lashes, well – has magnets on each strip.

How to use magnetic lash? 

You’ll get two strips for each eye in a box. Simply place the first strip on top of the upper lash-line and the second one below the upper lash-line, basically sandwiching your own lashes in between the falsies. The awesome part of this, is that it auto clips the lashes and secures the strips in place.

But even this takes practice to learn how to put on, because let’s be real, how many of us actually have the time to put on lashes when we’re always rushing to work.

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