Madison Beer Slams Mia Khalifa & Bullies After Khalifa Shaded Her For Denying Plastic Surgery Rumours

There’s a reason why people are asked to be honest and upfront – because if you lie even once, it’s going to be hard for people to trust you again. And right now, that seems to be the case between Madison Beer, the Twitterverse and ex-adult film actress Mia Khalifa. It all started with Madison Beer being photographed by paparazzi outside a cosmetic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills. Madison is seen hiding from the cameras behind a bush – fueling rumours that she was doing something she didn’t want people to know about i.e. plastic surgery.



Claims that the ‘Dear Society’ singer has gone under the knife before aren’t new, with many accusing her of trying to lie about having altered her face.  However, things peaked when Mia Khalifa got a nose job and shaded singer Madison Beer in her video announcement. Mia Khalifa posted a TikTok with the caption, “I’d never hide behind a tree. Don’t compare urself to anyone on the internet, ur beautiful ♥️” while appearing to be recovering from a nose job.



She tagged her doctor and went as far as to like and respond to various comments mentioning Mia. In fact, she even responded to a fan who tweeted….



After Khalifa’s shady video, fans bombarded the 21-year-old singer, demanding an explanation for why she was seen outside a cosmetics clinic. She denied hiding and responded that she was there for something she shouldn’t have to clarify: a mole removal.



Before – and even after issuing an explanation – Madison calls out those who have sent her ‘death threats’ and those who have been bullying her online. Responding to a tweet that read, “she was also caught by the paparazzi at a plastic surgery place literally hiding. i love her music and her, herself but it kinda frustrates me when i see her lying to us. many girls have been known being inspired by madison for her supposed natural looks but it simply impossible“, she says –



This isn’t the first time Madison, who shot to fame at the age of 13 when Justin Bieber tweeted a link to a cover she performed on YouTube, has had to defend her looks. In an angry rant, Tiktoker Katie Kelly called out and mocked Madison Beer for “consistently lying about her face and her body and how she’s naturally that way, setting unrealistic body and face standards for young women”. To which, Madison responded,


“I’m not the beauty standard and NO ONE SHOULD BE”.



Later on, in a video, Madison admitted to once having lip fillers only to remove them.


“Guys, I got my lips done when I was younger and I f****** regretted it and I hated it. I got them dissolved. This is literally my f****** natural face. I’m just exhausted of seeing people say that I’m setting a false beauty standard, I’m lying to my fans. Guys, it’s not difficult to go and scroll back on my Instagram. My photos from when I was 12 are still on my Instagram…I look the same!”


Whether or not she has gone under the knife, no one deserves to be sent death threats and bullied.