Other Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands In Malaysia Aside From LUSH

The growing demand for eco-friendly beauty products has caused a surge in eco-friendly beauty brands, whose philosophies are ones that give back to Mother Nature with their various initiatives.

We’re in need of vegan products that are designed with minimal packaging required. After all, excessive packaging is such a waste. Luckily, these brands keep minimal design and recycling in mind.

Lush is just one eco-friendly beauty brand, but there is more than just one brand to get your cruelty-free beauty fix. Read more to find out about the others too.

1. Lush

Well, we can’t make a list of eco-friendly beauty brands without Lush. They make the most delightful bath bombs and bath accessories, besides facial products. The eco-friendly brand recently released it’s collection that’s all packaging-free, for bar-shaped products like facial cleansers and oils. Anything else with packaging is made with 100% post-recycled plastic, so you know they’re a brand that advocates for the earth.

2. Handmade Heroes

Based in Singapore, Handmade Heroes is a cult favourite among eco warriors. Their products are formulated naturally, without chemicals or parabens, using the finest natural ingredients, like cocoa butter and organic virgin coconut oil. The brand makes natural clay masks, dry shampoo, and rose-scented lip balms. Plus, Handmade Heroes’ minimal and sleek packaging really catches the eye.

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3. The Mineraw

The company’s name is a mix of the words ‘minerals’ and ‘raw.’ The Mineraw is based here, in Malaysia, and they’re taking all the small steps needed to make the beauty community more eco-friendly. Their products are formulated without silicone, alcohol, and remains cruelty-free. This brand has almost everything you need in your skincare routine – including cleansers, scrubs, toners, serums and sunblock, all made from raw and natural ingredients. You should try this if you’re a fan of all the natural goodness.

4. RMS Beauty

Based in Australia, RMS Beauty products are packed with organic ingredients that allows our skin to breathe and rejuvenate. The brand, which emphasizes on skin nutrition, makes a variety of makeup and skincare, like bronzers, highlighters and skincare essentials. Their packaging is minimally designed and made of recyclable and reusable materials. So you can enjoy your makeup, guilt-free!

5. The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree has always been an environmentally-conscious beauty company. Even the decoration in their physical outlets are sourced from eco-friendly suppliers. Made in Australia, products from The Olive Tree are plant based, natural and formulated without parabens. They harness the goodness of Mother Nature whilst giving back to the environment with their recycling campaign.

Which is your favourite eco-friendly beauty brand? Let us know in the comments below.