Love Is Quarantine: The Best Social Distancing Pickup Lines You Can Use Now

Amidst the rise in COVID-19 cases and #socialdistancing, your love life might seem like a lost cause. But, that’s definitely not the case! Just ask the people who’ve started up the #SocialDistancingPickUpLines trend on Twitter. Let these tweets be your guide and secure yourself a date for when the restriction has been lifted:


1. This banger of an opening line will get you places.



2. Sorry Satan, not today.


3. Honestly, cleanliness is sexy. 



4. A person who can see the brighter side of things is a keeper. 



5. You ought to say no, no, no. 



6. If you know she doesn’t have a bidet (or one of those hoses on the side).



7. You know what works like a charm on video calls?



8. Forget bullets…



9. Indulge in some dark humour once in a while.

And finally… (you might want to save this for after the quarantine is over)


10. If you want to be cheeky…


All jokes aside, stay at home while we work together to curb the spread of the virus! We got his folks!