Love Bombing – The “Cult-ish” Toxic Dating Trend You Should Watch Out For

Love bombing sounds pretty good – who doesn’t like being showered with more love and attention than they need?

People tend to crave love, so it’s only natural that we see being love-bombed as a lucky thing. You’ve found the right guy, or have you?

Maybe it’s too good to be true. If your partner’s love, affection, and sudden switch in moods make you feel concerned, you may have experienced love bombing.

What is love bombing?

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According to Cosmopolitan, love bombing is the action of showering someone with excessive love, affection and attention with the intention to gain control or influence their behaviour. While the attention and affection make your heart flutter, it’s actually a form of emotional manipulation. Ami Kaplan, a psychotherapist in New York City explains:

“Love bombing is largely an unconscious behaviour. It’s about really getting the other person.”

The one significant thing that separates love bombing from regular ~ sweet ~ love is the infamous switch. One moment they’ll be adoring their partner with all their heart, and the next moment they’ll become abusive and manipulative.

Love bombing is a cult-like behaviour

Love bombing isn’t exclusive to narcissists, according to Psychology Today, this tactic is also famous among cult leaders and members. Cult leaders and members would shower new recruits with attention and consideration to “seduce” the newbies. This often works because humans have a natural need to be loved, and we won’t simply push away someone who is considerate of us.

Signs you’re dating a love bomber

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1. Your partner texts you constantly, and he expects a prompt reply all the time. If you don’t reply promptly, he’ll let you know that he was upset by it until you sayang him again.

2. Your relationship has moved on too quickly. How do you know if you’re soulmates only weeks into the relationship? Being soulmates is a mutual decision. Something doesn’t add up if you feel like you’ve progressed way too fast from first dates, to soulmates.

3. Your partner starts to passively control your behaviour. Maybe he usually wants to do everything together with you, but then slowly starts to indicate that he’s not keen on you doing this and being away from him. Eventually, he stops you from going out without him but maintains it was your decision.