‘Manglish’ Words That Have Made It Into The Oxford Dictionary

At some point of time, almost everyone has owned or used the popular Oxford English Dictionary. Whether it’s currently laying on a shelf at home, or you have completely no clue of where it is, there’s no doubt that it once came in handy. With thousands of words, it used to be mind blowing as a kid to discover the existence of so many words.

Well, you’re still going to shit your mind because now, Oxford English Dictionary has featured local lingos or shall we say, everyday “manglish” words that you would never imagine to fit into the official dictionary’s description.

Let’s start with the most popular word added:

Image result for teh tarik

1.  “Teh Tarik”

Definition: Sweet tea with milk, prepared by pouring the liquid back and forth repeatedly between two containers to produce a thick foam on top.

2. “Wah”

Definition: Used typically to express admiration. How to use — “Wah, that girl is so hot!”

3. “Shiok”

Definition: Very enjoyable or pleasing. How to use — To describe feelings: “I just had a very shiok head massage’. Used in exclamation: ‘Shiok, man! I feel good’, and to describe how something tastes: ‘it’s super spicy but pretty shiok’!”


4. “Lepak”

Definition: To spend one’s time aimlessly loitering or loafing around. How to use — “I’m just lepaking at home, doing nothing.”

5. “Ang Moh”

Definition: A white person/ Westerner. How to use — “Mark and I were the only two ang mohs in the place’ or ‘they usually charge a more expensive price to ang moh.”

6. “Atas”

Definition: Sophisticated or elegant. How to use — “it’s my first time going to such an atas restaurant”

Second Definition: Snobbish or condescending. How to use —  “Stop acting all atas!”

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7. “Ang Pow”

Definition: A traditional Chinese gift of money presented in a red envelope. How to use -“They are looking forward to receive ang pow this Chinese New Year.”

8. “Aiyah” 

Definiton: Used to express dismay, exasperation, or surprise. How to use — “Aiyah, don’t work so hard. You must find time for other things.” 

9. “Blur”

Definition: (of a person) stupid, clumsy, or confused. How to use “It was kinda funny seeing how blur someone can be when completing a task they have no clue about”

10. “Kiasu”

Definition: (of a person) having a grasping or selfish attitude arising from a fear of missing out on something. How to use

“The neighbours are so kiasu that they have to buy a new compete with the next door neighbour”