Local Vegan Meals For Every Part Of The Day That Even Non-Vegans Will Crave

Often, when finding out that someone is vegan, reactions range from confusion (“But, what does that mean? You can’t eat fish? What about eggs?”) to disgust (“Why would you do that to yourself?”). Misconceptions that all vegans eat are “grass”-like vegetables and nothing else is incredibly misplaced. Really, it’s really not as bad as you think and to be honest, vegans have some really, really good recipes. These days, it’s not that hard to find recipes with affordable, everyday ingredients to make at home – smashing another misconception that “vegan food is expensive”. Not only that, because they are limited to plant-based diets, but vegan recipes are also often deliciously creative. Heck, vegans are human too – they want to eat yummy meals as well! If you’re a vegan-meal-virgin, here are affordable local vegan food suppliers for you to have an all vegan day – after all, vegan food has its benefits and what better way to discover them than to try it out yourself!


Breakfast: Vegan Bagel

Do you like bread? Well, you’d definitely love these fluffy, crunchy doughy goodness that is bagels! Bagelicious custom makes vegan bagels to add to their already impressive menu of grains topping ranges that include sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds & chia seeds. These freshly baked, homemade bagels can be ordered by dropping them a message on Whatsapp!


Lunch: Mushroom Rendang

Made fresh on the day of delivery, this vegan rendang is taking rendang to a different level! Made using mushrooms, this spicy, halal vegan rendang recipe is perfect for all your favourite Malaysian dishes! Pair it with rice, bagels, bread, nasi impit – whatever you choose to pair it with – and it will complete your meal. Heck, you’ll be left wanting more! The rendang, if frozen, can be kept for months and can be purchased in 250g – 4KG portions. However, the couple that runs the business only deliver on weekends – and slots sell out fast!



Dinner: Pin Xin’s Signature Asam Laksa

This Penang-born dish is full of flavour – from its mix of sweet, sour and spicy soup to its the tangy scent, Assam Laksa is a dish worth travelling for! But now, you don’t have to go all the way to Penang for it! Nuh-uh, honey! Pin Xin has brought Assam Laksa to you in a beautiful glass bottle. Made from high-quality spices and kombu (edible kelp), the paste is both authentic in it’s taste and smell and convenient to make. The other ingredients in the paste include tamarind, chilli vegan belacan, soybean protein and more. As for how to make a glorious bowl of Assam Laksa, Pin Xin recommends including sliced pineapples, cucumber/zucchini, lettuce, mint and torch ginger flower to a bowl of noodles.


Dessert: Funfetti cookie dough cake & Funfetti cookie (available in sakura, matcha, Bischoff, birthday cake, oreo & more)

Age is not a number – especially when it comes to baking amazing, gooey, chewy, beautiful, sweet vegan treats. 18-year-old Iman is on a roll (pun intended) as she creates beautiful desserts without eggs, milk or butter! From cakes to cookies, the absolute variety that of creations that Iman comes up with is astounding! Available for purchase both through DM and at The Hungry Tapir, a gorgeous vegan restaurant situated in Chinatown, end your day on a sweet, vegan note!