Local Beauty Reviewer Under Fire For Applying Makeup On A Snake

So, when beauty gurus review beauty items, we’d expect them to test it on themselves to see how it works.

However, a local beauty reviewer on Jamumall.com took her review a step further and tested foundation on a snake and uploaded the video onto Facebook Live.

ICYMI, Jamumall.com is an e-commerce portal for cosmetics and wellness. The brand started off as a portal for beauty reviews.

In the Facebook Live video, the reviewer applied foundation from a local brand, Nurrasya Beauty, onto the snake’s underbelly as she held it up. “As you can see, just by dabbing, it has very good coverage,” she said.

“It’s so good! See, it can cover all the scales and bumps! Such high coverage!” she continued to rave.

“It can cover all the scales and bumps! Such high coverage!” – Jamumall reviewer

Unfortunately, the reviewer at Jamumall did not speak Parseltongue so she probably didn’t understand that the snake was trying to convey a heartfelt:

“Sisssssssssssssss… no…” – the snake (probably)

In this era where consumers and brands are trying their best to make products cruelty-free, testing your makeup on animals is unacceptable.

Twitter users were quick to slam the beauty reviewer for her action towards the snake. One user Tweeted in fury:

“People and snakes don’t even have the same type of skin!”

Some of her viewers pointed this out during the Facebook Live session too.

Since the incident, Jamumall has released a statement on their Facebook Page. The statement mentioned:

“In regards to the snake video, it was an old video and we admit that we were naive when we used the snake during the live session.”

The page also mentioned that the snake was released right after the Facebook live session.

“So, Jamumall takes full responsibility for the incident and thus we have deleted the video from our social media platform.”

Previously, the founder received a sponsorship of RM500,000 for her wedding, which is to take place soon.

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