Local Influencer Publicly Body Shamed Girls With Size M, Calling Them Fat

Let’s be real, fat-shaming is never okay! No one should ever feel ashamed for how they look like. Recently, a local model/social media influencer received some heat from the public after she accidentally posted a fat-shaming post on her social media.

Fans were shocked when Cathryn Li posted a disturbing post, dissing girls’ sizes and called out girls with ‘size 6 and above’ to stop eating and hit the gym. Her account has since been deactivated but it was a little too late as receipts were already collected.

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Recently posted by @cathrynli and im just shocked. 😱 With so many of her followers to influence no wonder females end up with unhealthy relationships with food. This is just shameful behaviour 😞 #unhealthyeating #loveyourcurves #femalefigure #curvyandproud #healthybody #lovefood #asianfemale #asianfitness #asianmentalhealth #ballerina #pianist #skinnymini #cathrynli #wearealldifferent #spreadtheword

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In her post, Cathryn wrote, “Girls, if you’re wearing size 6/S, it means you’re M.” She states that being a size M meant that you’re fat before continuing, “In Asia, (size) S means M, M means L. Anything above M is as sinful as obesity.”

However, the model quickly apologised on her IG feed, saying it was “meant for the girls in my close friend list who wanted to work in the modeling industry.” She then took the post down 26 minutes later.

But the damaged was done and many were shocked and horrified with the post.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Encouraging us to live a healthy lifestyle is great. But this may be a little harsh. It’s a fine line between encouraging and bullying. It may just influence young girls to commit to an unhealthy relationship with food that may lead to anorexia and bulimia.

We’ve come so far, where today’s fashion brands are including more diversity and body sizes. This is just a step back towards empowerment. You do you gurls when you’re ready!