Local Instagram Influencer Allegedly Scammed Fellow M’sians Of RM15K

Ladies, Instagram shopping is our thang. When we can’t find something from Glossier, more often than not, we’d turn to Instagram shops, which keep popping up on the popular social media app.

Some of these shops are run by influencers, with a substantially large following and perhaps a legit website. Unfortunately, one such influencer has allegedly scammed fellow Malaysians of RM15K and counting since 2016.

The business account @favcosmeticskl has been deactivated despite having a lot of unfulfilled orders. It appears to belong to @favnatasha, who has since made her account private.

Anyway, it seems like the influencer went a bit too far for once when her Instagram shop opened up orders for a makeup fridge. Joyce Phung, one of her customers created a post on the shady business – and so far, it has gained over 100 comments. Most of them telling of the scam.

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Utterly disgusted, do help share this post to help the victims and I out. I can’t bear to just sweep this issue under the rug when so many girls have been robbed of their hard-earned money. P.S: Got an anonymous tip about another business account she runs, @/ecobobacup just a heads up y’all❤️ she’s changing up the name every now and then, check out my story highlight for more info! #projectreboba 🚨 P.S.S: Do continue sharing this post around, this isn’t just to create awareness about online scams anymore but also to make this loud enough so she can’t pay anyone off to keep this quiet and run🚔 This post will be taken down with the condition that an official statement is released from favcosmetics and all the consumers, fully refunded

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While Natasha received at least 150 orders worth at least RM100 each, it appears as though few of it was refunded, and even less fulfilled. Soon, testimonies from previous buyers and their friends started to pop up, which contradicts how FavCosmeticsKL has been trying to prove that they’re legit.

Prominent Malaysian influencer Jazel Lim took to Instagram to slam Natasha’s unethical business practices.


“It became a nightmare for most.” – Jazel Lim

Another Instagram-based shop Bash Clothing shared that they collaborated with FavCosmeticsKL twice. While the first collab went quite pleasantly, the second time around was less than so. While the business owner of FavCosmeticsKL was supposed to send gifts on behalf of Bash, it was not done.


“Our messages were ignored.” Cecilia & Maxine from Bash Clothing

However, a source claims that FavCosmeticsKL has been sold to another person. People are questioning why didn’t the influencer explain it before, but she probably has her reasons.


Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Natasha currently runs another Instagram business called @ecobobacups.


To this, Eco Boba Cups has responded with a disclaimer:


“We hope to be judged by our reviews and not by slander.” – Eco Boba Cups

Few people have alleged that Natasha is actually Ammar Effendy’s girlfriend. FYI Ammar Effendy is the son of Malaysian celebrity Rozita Che Wan.


The victims are in the midst of making their respective police reports. We hope the victims manage to get their refunds, or at least that action is taken upon the alleged scammer.

We have reached out to FavCosmeticsKL for their comment on the issue and will update here. Please be vigilant when shopping on Instagram. This may help – learn how to spot a scammy Instagram shop here. PS: It’s not the number of followers that matter, and we know that now.



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