Local Hairstylist Allegedly Assaulted Customer After Awful Hair Treatment

Most of us go to hair salons expecting to feel like princesses, and come back with great hair of course.

We wouldn’t hesitate to put a price on it, especially if the service was good. Anyone knows we’d spend hundreds, and even thousands just to have the healthy, luscious locks of our dreams.

But what if the service sucked so bad, and the hairdresser harasses you 7 months after the treatment was done? That’s exactly what happened to one Twitter user @nadiahnasirr who shared her experience with a local hair salon. Read on for more details!

According to Nadiah, the hairstylist called her on her phone number and said, “Takkan tak ingat, dah biasa buat benda jahat.” (“Don’t you remember, you’re used to doing wicked things.”) She even went as far as to harass Nadiah’s friends on Instagram!

In the WhatsApp video, allegedly shared by the hairstylist herself, she had threatened to shatter the customer’s face. This does not look good.

Soon, other previous customers started to share their experiences with the said hair salon, and none of it sounded great.

Nadiah herself had shared her experience at the hair salon, but that was last February. First of all, the hairstylist was washing her own hair.

Then, the hairstylist lost her patience and insulted her customer. Wait – there’s more – when Nadiah tried to record the bad behavior, she pushed her and tried to pry her phone away.

So Nadiah, who was supposed to get her hair done ended up walking out of the salon with soaking wet hair.

Of course, her safety was her priority then. She intended to pay the salon (even if the service was bad) until the hairstylists physically assaulted her there and then.

Choose your hair salons wisely, girls, and don’t believe everything you see on Instagram!

We have reached out to the hair salon and they have since refused to comment on the incident.