Listen Up, Fairytale Weddings Are Not For Everyone

About once in our lives, we’ll reach a point when all our friends are somehow getting engaged or planning their weddings. Each weekend, we’ll have a different wedding to attend and it’s fascinating to watch.

From the simplest wedding dinners to the fanciest ceremonies, people assume that each girl has probably dreamed of her own fairytale wedding when she was young. Who wouldn’t want to be married to a Prince Charming right?

Then, as we grew up and grew wiser, we realized that we didn’t need a fairytale wedding to feel fulfilled. Some of us just signed the marriage papers without much fanfare. In this economy, it’s OK to not have a fairytale wedding if you don’t want it. There are people who find it difficult to picture a wedding of their own, and if you’re one of them, it’s 100% OK, and here’s why.

You have different priorities in life

Perhaps you’re in a place in life where you prioritize different things from your peers, like your career, buying a new home, or your health. Having different priorities isn’t a bad thing, and a wedding is more of a luxury than a necessity anyway. If you have the budget and you prefer to splurge on a holiday, then go for it. If you think about it, how many weddings have you attended that you actually knew the couple? Hashtag Asian weddings.

You may be uncomfortable with the attention

A wedding ensures that you’re in the centre of attention and some people thrive on that. But if being in the centre of attention makes you cringe, maybe a wedding isn’t for you. It’s supposed to be your special day, and you should celebrate it however you want. If you’re getting married to your partner but you prefer something low key, a simple dinner will do.

You’re focused on the marriage and not the wedding

If you’re planning to be married to your partner, it could be because you prioritize the marriage. What’s one day over a lifetime together? A wedding is just one day, but marriage is forever, and some people prefer to think about that rather than focus their attention on one day. Some couples would rather prioritize moving in, getting their finances in order or getting to know each other instead of a wedding.

What about you? Do you dream about your wedding day? Let us know in the comments below.