Lisa Surihani & Ili Sulaiman Share The Secrets To Their Everlasting Friendship

A survey by Snapchat found that Malaysians are among the friendliest people in the world. We’re fond of forming friendships with everyone a.k.a. ‘collecting friends’, but at the same time, we let a select few people into our inner circle of besties.

As we grow older, true friends become more difficult to find. We tend to drift away from our peers, keeping the one or two we cherish most closest to us.

And these two best friends forever are the ones who can’t be replaced, not even when we grow up and somehow manage to find other friends. Despite having, perhaps a few thousand friends on social media, how many of these ‘friends’ do we speak to in real life?

Celebrity BFFs Lisa Surihani & Ili Sulaiman share about their heartwarming friendship

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You know what we have in common? Cheeks.

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Award-winning Malaysian actress Lisa Surihani and celebrity chef Ili Sulaiman are the ideal example of a lasting girl-bond between BFFs. They’ve been friends since primary school; through thick and thin, their friendship has survived all these years. But it wasn’t without effort from both ladies.

“I depend on a lot of things when it comes to Ili. I’m quite manja with her,” Lisa shared.

“I’m quite manja with her (Ili).” – Lisa Surihani

As Ili Sulaiman is an only child, friendship means a lot to her. She said, “My friends are like my siblings and family. Lisa is one of the very few people that I cherish dearly.”

Indeed she is. Ili moved to the UK to pursue her studies and came back when Lisa invited her for her wedding. And she’s stayed on in Malaysia ever since.

Of talking and texting to keep up with your bestie(s)

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When they are proud of you and you are proud of them. We stand stronger together, supporting one another and being happy for each others achievements. I am grateful for you 3 always. #besties #frompamperstogrannypanties

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Of course, in this era, even BFFs would text each other quite frequently. “Our communication with each other through texts are always the silliest, but that’s how we maintain our friendship,” Ili said.

According to Ili, Malaysians don’t talk about emotions enough. “I don’t tell my parents everything, I’d tell my girlfriends,” she said. “It stems from the culture. Being truthful is one of the most important things in friendship because in a family setting you can’t necessarily get that.”

“I don’t tell my parents everything, I’d tell my girlfriends.” – Ili Sulaiman

Friendship is about honesty and balance

When it comes to forging a lasting friendship, it’s always about honesty. While Lisa describes her friendship with Ili as one with ‘radical honesty,’ her best friend shares the same point of view.

“How I see my relationship with Lisa – it has always been about honesty. Through everything – our college days, boyfriends and breakups,” she said.

“It has always been about honesty. Through everything – our college days, boyfriends and breakups.” – Ili Suilaiman

As for Lisa Surihani, her friendship with Ili Sulaiman helps her achieve a balance in her life as she juggles being an actress, activist, wife, mother, and friend. “When it comes to my friends, there’s no need for me to talk about work at all,” she began. “A huge part of my life is surrounded by, if not family, it’s work. Friendship gives me that sanity.”

“Friendship gives me that sanity.” – Lisa Surihani

What about you? Do you share a friendship like Lisa & Ili’s? Tag your BFF in the comments below!