Lisa Surihani: “I Only Need 3 Steps For My Skincare Routine.”

With her flawless skin despite juggling her responsibilities as an actress, activist and a mom, you’d think Lisa Surihani has a rigorous, 10-step skincare regimen.

Well, you’d be surprised to learn that the actress only has three simple steps in her skincare routine. As a rule, Lisa likes to keep her skincare regimen as simple as possible.

“I only need 3 steps for my skincare routine.”

She started really searching for a skincare routine that works for her when she was pregnant with her second child – that was when she experienced breakouts.

“My skin was really very oily – and I broke out everywhere, on my cheeks, chin, forehead and nose sometimes.”

Plus, we don’t want to look our best on festive seasons alone, we want to look picture perfect, with glowing skin all the time, even though it isn’t always realistic. Here, Lisa Surihani shares her skincare tips with us, so read on for more.

1. Cleanse

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Many people has asked me – "Lisa, what is your skin care regime?! Your skin is always glowing!" To be honest, just like most of us, my skin is extremely moody. Sometimes oily, sometimes dry, especially during my pregnancy with Yusof! But so far, I have only needed to use one cleanser – Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. Not only is it gentle and soap free, it does not over dry or irritate the skin like foamy and fragrance cleansers. Plus it is also suitable for all our skin types. Do try it out and let me know how it feels on your skin! #CetaphilMY #CetaphilGSC #CetaphilWorks #CetaphilReview #gentlecleansing #moisturizing #soapfree #fragrancefree #trustedbydermatologists

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She used to wash her makeup off and cleanse with separate cleansers, in two different steps, but now Lisa only uses one cleanser.

“I use a gentle cleanser that does its work.”

When she was younger, she used a different brand of cleanser every seventh day to break her skin’s immunity to its regular cleanser. If you find that your skin becomes immune to certain cleansers, perhaps you should try Lisa’s interesting method.

2. Moisturise

While it’s important to stay hydrated (a.k.a. drink lots of water), Lisa Surihani says that it only plays a small part in keeping your skin moisturised. If you can’t drink 8 glasses of water a day, you can keep your skin moisturised with a hydrating product.

“Personally, truly healthy skin is one that is hydrated and well-balanced.”

The Malaysian actress applies moisturiser on her skin at least twice a day to ensure that her skin stays soft and supple.

3. Protect/ SPF

As an actress and activist, Lisa spends a lot of her time in different environments – from travelling to various locations to having photoshoots at studios and episodes being filmed under the blazing sun, she finds that her skin needs to be protected from the harsh change in environments. Lisa chooses a hydrating sunscreen to protect her skin from UV rays and to act as a barrier for the surface of her skin.

To Lisa, it was never about whitening of one’s skin, or simply being pretty even.

“It doesn’t have to be because you want to be pretty, skincare is about being healthy. We owe it to ourselves to take care of our skin.”

Another timely reminder she has is to never, ever pop your pimples because it leaves a scar. It’s simple enough, but we don’t always remember it because the temptation to just pop it is so hard to resist. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your skincare tips!

If you’re searching for products to complete your very own 3-step skin care routine, we’ve got just the recs for you. FYI, Likely may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links.

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