#LikelyScoops: 4 Best Fragrances For Every Type Of Dad

With Father’s Day approaching this 21st June, we want to make sure that the love you have for the hero in your life is conveyed. But just as how each father is special in their own way—so are these unique fragrances that are guaranteed to put a smile on dad’s face this Father’s Day, and every other day of the year! 

1. For the Adventurous Father – Mr. Burberry Indigo

(Source: Burberry)

Mr. Burberry Indigo is suitable for the father who works from the hours of nine to five, every Monday to Friday but has already planned his next trip to the sea.  The fragrance captures zesty and herbal top notes of lemon oil, blackcurrant and rosemary layered over green violet leaf, driftwood, and spearmint – with a warm and earthy base of amber, white oakmoss, and musk. Even better, each Mr. Burberry bottle can be personalized to make the gift even more special.

150ml (RM 446), 100ml (RM 417) and 50ml (RM 308). Now available at all departmental stores and Sephora stores.

2. For the Father Who Embraces the Moment – Hugo Now For Him

(Source: Hugo Boss)

The Hugo Now fragrance is suitable for fathers who simply do not age. He lives in the moment and while others may find him rather impulsive, you simply see him as free-spirited. The fragrance cutting-edge freshness carries through to the heart, softened by the aromatic notes of Lavender. Paired with the cooling sensation of Mint and watery Aquazone a frozen accord providing cold aquatic freshness. 

75ml (RM 260) and 125ml (RM 345). Now available at all departmental stores and Sephora stores.

3. For The Young At Heart Father – CK Everyone

(Source: Calvin Klein)

This is for the father who thinks of you as his friend, who wants to be in with the kids and says YOLO to embarrass you in front of everyone. He’s the father who never brings the stress of work home but you know he’s amazing at what he does. CK Everyone Fragrance is the perfect combination of clean freshness, sweet sensuality, and provocative edge for the father who prefers a clean and simple scent for his everyday wear. 

A citrus fragrance that uplifts with zesty organic orange oil and paired with a blue tea accord and a vibrant cedarwood base for a gender-neutral fragrance. 

200ml (RM 342) and 100ml (RM 244). Now available at all departmental stores and Sephora stores.

4. For the Impeccably Stylish Father – Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau Da Parfum

(Source: Gucci)

For fathers whose presence is noticed the moment he enters the room. He is impeccably well dressed that he has, on more than one occasion, upstaged you. 

The new Gucci Guilty Pour Homme intensifies traditional codes of masculine beauty with mystery and unconventionality, the new scent is created for the eclectic and the bold. This reinterpretation of the original signature is now with heady Chili Pepper and soothing fresh Rose. Richness and sensuality are accentuated at the base with Patchouli and Cedarwood. 

90ml (RM 408). Now available at all departmental stores and Sephora stores.